Lineage 2 Polska wypróbuj wyjątkowy, bezpieczny
i najlepszy serwer Lineage II

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Anyone who has registered on the server side confirms that it is familiar with the rules and
is committed to the principles contained therein.
Each player, in case of finding any error in the game, you should immediately notify the
GM. Errors that allow you to cheat or to facilitate the game must be reported by the GMs
private messages. Using this kind of errors will be severely punished. Any other errors
and the imperfections of the server should be reported to the forum in the dedicated section.
Administration is not responsible for the quality of the connection to the server or a break in his
It is forbidden to use any programs that facilitate the game and allow the game without
Player to participate. All cases booting will be punished.
It is prohibited to SPAM and the use of profanity on the canals! Shout% + Trade Hero.
The game server is completely free. All grants are voluntary and are not the basis for
any rozczeń in the event of data loss, cessation of operation of the server, vipe or receiving punishment
for failing to regulations.

Player Relations> GM
For every GM we respect. He devotes his free time to enable you to
even better, more interesting and enjoyable game. Any vulgarity, threats and slander under
at GM will be punished.
We do not ask / please GM about giving away any items, changes relating to
items and characters, teleport and transformation of character spawn NPC / mobs.
It is forbidden to set TITLE / NICK with a name similar to the GM / ADMIN / ANNOUNCEMENT and the
the name that will be using GM / ADMIN. Failure to do so = BAN

Relationships Player> Player
All players are also human beings, and therefore they deserve respect. Using phrases recognized
offensive will be punished.
It is forbidden to set TITLE / CREST, which may offend the beliefs and faith of the other players.
PKowanie players are part of the game and it is not something offensive. GM will not consider this
such complaints except PKowania low-level characters, especially in and around cities and
locations adapted to their level.

Prohibited and severely punished is the intentional introduction of the players in the error by setting
incorrect description of the sold / purchased items.
It is forbidden to issue the shops close to the NPC, which could hinder other players access to
them. All offers on the purchase, sale or exchange of items should be advertised only on +

GM does not consider cases of fraud resulting from the conversion / sale of accounts. Any replacement,
sales and purchase accounts are made at your own risk and responsibility.
The administration reserves the right to make any changes to regulations without
giving a reason.